5 Benefits of a Mobile Car Detailing Service

Mobile Car Detailing Hobart

Mobile car detailing is a relatively new concept and one that is greatly under utilized by consumers. For many car owners, detailing is not a luxury but a necessity as they demand their car to be in tip top condition.

A car is a huge investment and keeping it clean is an important strategy in maintaining its value. It is important to highlight that car detailing is not the same as cleaning a car.

Anyone can clean their car in the driveway. A quick spray of water followed by a wash with some household detergent and then a quick ruine and wipe. About a 30 minute job and your car will look pretty good.

The challenge is that this level of superficial cleaning neglects some of the most important parts of the car that needs thorough cleaning. Even a professional car was at roughly $80 to $120 in Tasmania will at best take care of the most superficial dirt.

Car detailing is a highly specialized job and goes well beyond cleaning your car. A car detailer in Hobart can clean everything you can’t clean.

This includes a thorough clean of your car’s rim, headlights, leather seats and upholstery, steering wheel, ceiling and even the engine.

These are areas of your car that require special equipment, cleaning materials and skill to clean thoroughly.

But why go through the trouble and the added expense of getting your car done by a car detailing specialist? Here are 5 benefits of using a car detailer.

1. Preserving Your Car’s Aesthetics

A new car always looks great. It has a shimmer and a shine that feels great to climb into and drive. Over time, cars lose this as it is exposed to the elements and daily use.

The buildup of dirt and grime over time can cause many of the car’s surfaces to deteriorate. Merely washing the car is not enough to truly preserve the car’s aesthetics.

Car detailing every 3 to 6 months will keep your car looking new and help preserve that shimmer and shine.

2. Protecting The Paint

Car detailers do everything by hand. The reason for this is that the paint and coatings on a car can be damaged by high pressure cleaners. Most people simply take their cars to a car wash where it gets blasted with high pressure water.

Car detailers also use specialist equipment to remove micro particles of dirt off the surface of your car. This helps to preserve the protective coat on your car. They are also experts at applying additional protective coatings if needed.

This helps to keep your car’s colour in the harsh Australian sun. It also helps protect your car against corrosion which is very common in coastal areas in Australia.

3. Keep The Interior Spotless

The interior of a car is far more complex to clean than the exterior. Most people think a simple vacuum is good enough but it rarely is. With so many joints and connecting panels, dirt tends to build up in some of the most awkward places.

A professional car detailer has the equipment to clean this. They also have the right treatments to help restore and protect interior surfaces.

The prolonged use of air conditioning can cause dirt to bond to surfaces and this can be hard to clean. Over time, the interior can start to look faded and even smell bad.

Car detailers use a combination of pressure cleaners and steam to thoroughly remove dirt and grime and leave the interior of your car looking and smelling like new.

4. Keep Engine Clean

Your car’s engine is arguably the most important part of the car. Very few people ever clean their engine simply because they don’t think it is important. Most people would have no idea what and how to clean it anyway.

Keeping your engine clean eliminates the build-up of grease and grime that can cause damage long term. It also ensures that corrosion is kept to a minimum.

Most car detailers have packages that include a thorough engine wash which usually also includes a wash under the car.

5. Cleaning What You Can’t Clean

Car detailers have an eye for detail. They clean the things you don’t even think about cleaning. Things like chrome strips, the back of your rims, your exhaust, your headlights and even your number plate.

What makes an old car look like new again is often in the small details. Car detailers also have the equipment and the skill to buff out bumps and bruises that can make a car look old and tatty.

Whether you are planning on selling your car or just love having your car look magnificent, a car detailer will go well beyond cleaning your car.

The convenience of mobile car detailing in Hobart is that we come to you. It really does not get any easier and mobile car detailers are often cheaper than shops since they do not have the overhead.

If you need car detailing in Hobart then we would love to be of service to you. Please feel free to reach out to us for a quote and to book a service.