What is Car Detailing

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Car detailing is not a car wash. So many people confuse the two and rightfully so since many car washes offer detailing as a service. It is two vastly different things and this is reflected in the price and the result.

Car detailers are highly specialized and they are trained professionals. They have an eye for detail and once they are done with a car it will look its absolute best.

At the top end are car detailers who can take old beat up cars and make them look like new. For the average person, a car detailing service can make their car look like new again by thoroughly cleaning and revitalising all parts of the car.

While minor bumps and bruises on cars can be dealt with, car detailers do not fix broken parts. They will only enhance the look of what is there already.

What is Included In a Car Detailing Service?

Car detailing can be divided into two components. There is interior car detailing and exterior car detailing. Generally speaking, interiors require a lot more work and therefore adds more to the cost than an exterior detailing service will cost.

Interior car detailing includes the following:

  • Vacuuming – this is thorough clean of all loose debris and dirt inside the car and includes the boot and all storage compartments. In hard to reach places an air compressor is used to dislodge dirt.
  • Brushing and Steam Cleaning – carpets and mats are thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned and then left to dry. Some detailers prefer to use steam cleaning as it can be more effective in most circumstances.
  • Glass cleaning – moist air inside the car can cause windows to build up dirt that you may not even see. Using class cleaning chemicals it can break down this layer of first and leave the windows sparkling clean.
  • Leather Cleaning – leather seats and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned using a special leather cleaner. Not only does this remove stubborn and built-up first but it actually conditions the leather and helps protect it.
  • Wiping and Vacuuming – after all the major cleaning work is done inside, the dashboards and hard surfaces are cleaned with a special detergent. This helps restore the colour as well as make it sparkling clean. A final vacuum ensures that all dirt is removed for good.
  • Perfuming – the last step is perfuming. We all love that new car smell and most perfuming after the detailing of the interior will leave your car with that new car smell.

Exterior car detailing includes the following:

  • Washing and drying – unlike the standard service you will get at a car wash, a car detailer will wash the car by hand. This allows them to get in between all the nooks and crannies that standard car washes can’t reach.
  • Claying – this is a specialist clay bar that detailers use to remove impurities and residues that hand washing and detergents simply can’t remove.
  • Polish – over time any car loses its “new car shine” because of its exposure to the elements. A polish restores that original shine and gives the car that sparkle again.
  • Seal – the final step is to apply a sealant. The sealant can be wax or some compound sealant and this helps to protect the car from first and moisture sticking to the paint.
  • Touch-up jobs – car detailers can help remove minor bruises to the car’s exterior. Scratches can be buffed out, chips can be filled in (with pain).

Car detailing can also include a lot of extras like fixing chips in the windscreen, headlight polishing, engine pressure clean and bumper repair.

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Who Needs Car Detailing?

If you are planning on selling a car then giving it a good detailing service can help you maximize the impact it makes during the sale. When a car looks great, people are far more likely to buy it compared to a dirty and stinky old car.

If you have a car that has spent a lot of time outside and it hasn’t received a lot of love in the last few years then getting a professional car detailer can make a big difference. In fact, you will probably see the biggest difference a car detailing service can make on neglected vehicles like this.

If you are physically not able to properly wash your car or if you simply prefer an expert to handle your car washing and cleaning then getting a mobile car detailing service makes a lot of sense.

If you have a new car that you love and value then you might want to keep it looking new. A detailing expert can most certainly help you with this.

Lastly, if you are restoring an old car then a car detailer can be of great value in helping you bring the car back to its former glory. This tends to be a bit more specialized though.

If you are looking for car detailing in Hobart, Tasmania then we would be happy to help you. We offer a range of packages to suit all budgets and out mobile detailing service makes it very convenient.