Spring Car Detailing

spring car detailing in hobart

Spring is a great time of the year. Everything comes alive and as the colder weather starts fading Tasmania, we start looking towards the summer months. This is a great time to get your car detailed with a thorough clean along with so many other things that need a good clean.

The proverbial “spring clean” is usually associated with packing away the excess blankets and clothing used during winter and cleaning and tidying up as you go along.

As the warmer weather approaches we tend to spend less time inside and much more time out and about. If your spring clean calls for cleaning your car then you should consider getting it done by someone like Car Detailing Hobart.

Why get your car detailed in spring? Here are some of the main reasons why spring is the best time of the year to get it done.


During the summer months the harsh Australian sun is at its worst for your car. Detailing will add a protective coating to your car’s paint that will help protect the paint job from fading in colour and losing its gloss.

Surface Treatments

A good car detailer will polish and wax your car which creates a non-stick surface to your car. This will repel water and make it much harder for pollen and bugs (that come out in summer) to stick to the surface of your car.

Wash Away The Winter Grime

Nobody likes to wash their car during the cold winter months. The mere thought of going outside and washing the car in the cold is just too much. This means that your car actually accumulates a lot of dirt that can build up and make it harder to cut through and clean properly without the tools and equipment that a professional car detailer would use.

Prepare To Get Out And About

Chances are that you will be using your car a lot more during the summer months to get out and about and enjoy the sand, sea and surf around Hobart. This means your car will be exposed a lot more in the coming summer months and having it polished and waxed will help protect your car against increased exposure to salt in the air.

Protect The Interior

Car detailing also involves interior detailing which means a through clean and the treatment of leather and upholstery. Both leather and upholstery is subject to the harmful UV rays and without regular treatment the sun can cause serious damage. Protecting leather seats and leather panels is really important as the sun breaks down these organic materials.

Free Up Your Time

Many people insist on washing their own cars and that is understandable. Remember that detailing is not washing. It can take up to 4 hours for an experienced detailer to clean, poish and wax your car. If you do not have the experience or expertise it could take you even longer. You want to spend your precious free time enjoying summer and not trying to figure out how to buff your car.

Selling Your Car

Used car sales tend to spike at the beginning of summer as everyone is dusting off the winter blues. Selling your car can benefit greatly from a professional detailing. On average you can get up to 15% more for the sale if your car is professionally detailed. It really does bring out the best in your car and makes that first impression count.


Most people who wash their own cars at home simply run into the kitchen and grab some dishwashing liquid and start scrubbing their cars with a sponge from the bathroom. Not only is this bad for your car but it is also bad for the environment. These harmful sopas drain back into the ocean and the nature of the soap means you need a LOT of water to rinse your car.

Consider Professional Car Detailing

Professional car detailers come very well equipped. They have the very best tools for the trade and their experience and expertise means that they can do the job faster and better.

If you reserve your car detailing for once or twice a year then doing it at the start of spring is a great idea as it is the best time of the year to do it.

Car Detailing Hobart’s mobile service makes it easier than ever before. We come to your home or work and we are fully equipped to do the complete job without you having to leave the comfort of your home (or work).

Please feel free to give us a call today to discuss any of our spring car detailing packages or to arrange for a custom package.