Professional Home Car Detailing Service

Home car detailing services is quite common today. There are many reasons why you may decide to get a thorough cleaning of your car. If you consider taking your request for a car detailing service to your home or some preferred location, you’ll find a good number of mobile detailing service providers. If you’re not … Read more

Spring Car Detailing

Spring is a great time of the year. Everything comes alive and as the colder weather starts fading Tasmania, we start looking towards the summer months. This is a great time to get your car detailed with a thorough clean along with so many other things that need a good clean. The proverbial “spring clean” … Read more

What To Expect From a Car Detailing Service

Most car detailing services provide more or less the same services. While the packages and deals may vary from one service to the next, the different elements within the packages are usually more or less the same. Choosing the best car detailing service in Hobart will come down to price and the quality of service. … Read more

7 Easy Car Detailing Tips

Car detailers have a lot of tricks to make a car look amazing. Apart from all the specialist tools, they also have a lot of knowledge regarding the best products to use. Most car detailers buy their cleaning equipment commercially and it is not your typical over the counter products. Car detailing can cost anywhere … Read more

5 Benefits of a Mobile Car Detailing Service

Mobile car detailing is a relatively new concept and one that is greatly under utilized by consumers. For many car owners, detailing is not a luxury but a necessity as they demand their car to be in tip top condition. A car is a huge investment and keeping it clean is an important strategy in … Read more

What is Car Detailing

Car detailing is not a car wash. So many people confuse the two and rightfully so since many car washes offer detailing as a service. It is two vastly different things and this is reflected in the price and the result. Car detailers are highly specialized and they are trained professionals. They have an eye … Read more