7 Easy Car Detailing Tips

Car Detailing Tips

Car detailers have a lot of tricks to make a car look amazing. Apart from all the specialist tools, they also have a lot of knowledge regarding the best products to use. Most car detailers buy their cleaning equipment commercially and it is not your typical over the counter products.

Car detailing can cost anywhere north of $100 but it is absolutely worth it if you like your car spotless and maintain that new car look for as long as possible.

Car detailing goes well beyond washing and polishing but for anyone who wants to attempt doing it themselves then that is probably the extents of how far they will go.

It is a time consuming job which is why most people prefer to get it done by a professional car detailer. If you do want to do it yourself then these 10 tips will help you get the most out of your efforts.

Here are 7 easy tips that professional car detailing specialists use:

1. Use Shampoo

Most people use washing up liquid to wash their car but this is a big mistake. It is a harsh cleaning agent that can damage your car’s paint and the protective coating. Use shampoo instead. It is very effective at removing dirt without damaging your car’s paint job.

2. Dry Your Car

Letting your car air dry is a mistake. Air drying will leave behind water streaks and marks that can be hard to wipe clean afterwards. Sometimes these streaks still contain soap or dirt which looks bad. Always dry the car after a wash with a soft microfiber towel or chamois.

3. Keep your sponges clean

When you shampoo your car you want to use a thick and soft sponge. You want to make sure that you keep the sponge clean – especially if there’s still dirt on the surface. The sponge can collect dirt which can cause scratches as you wipe the car.

Rinse in clean water before applying more shampoo by using 2 buckets. Make sure you keep the clean water bucket clean – especially if you haven’t rinsed the car initially with a power hose.

4. Always wash your car in cool conditions

Washing your car when it is hot or washing it in direct sunlight can cause the water to evaporate too fast. This leaves the soap behind which can be harmful and harder to clean.

The sun can also react to certain cleaning products which is why it is not recommended. After all, cleaning your car in the hot Tasmanian sun in the middle of winter is not a good idea anyway.

5. Use a Polish First

Polish and wax is not the same. After your car’s bodywork is very clean you can apply a polish to remove swirl marks. Swirl marks are fine scratches on the outset surface that can be caused by washing the car with the wrong kind of sponge.

Polishing will help remove these fine scratch marks. Waxing on the other hand will help protect the car by applying a thin coating and this will also give it that new car sparkle.

6. Apply Trim Treatment Before Polishing

Products that help restore the black colour of the plastic trims are quite effective. They truly bring out the black colour again which usually fades a lot in the sun. These products not only bring the colour back but they actually create a protective layer over the plastic. When you apply this first you actually protect the car from the polish that would otherwise stain the trims.

7. Drying Glass

Drying the windows of your car can be tricky. Streaks are very visible and unless you use the right products it can be a nightmare. Glass cleaners are designed to minimize streaks but most of all it is about your drying technique. Always dry the glass in 2 directions. When cleaning the inside of the glass, make sure you don’t get liquid trapped in hard to reach places.

Investing in good cleaning equipment is well worth it. Professional detailers have a lot of tools that most people simply can not invest in. Electric buffers for waxing and applying polish is essential as doing it by hand is nearly impossible.

Steam cleaners and air compressors are also invaluable tools in the car detailer’s arsenal. A steam cleaner can clean the interior of a car unlike anything else. Along with an air compressor it allows the detailer to remove dirt that would otherwise remain trapped.

These commercial grade machines are quite expensive and won’t make much sense to buy for personal use. Your local auto center will sell similar machines that are more suitable for a domestic scale though.

If you are looking for a professional car detailing service in Hobart, Tasmania then we would love to help you. We offer an expert service at very affordable prices. Please feel free to reach out to us today.