What To Expect From a Car Detailing Service

Most car detailing services provide more or less the same services. While the packages and deals may vary from one service to the next, the different elements within the packages are usually more or less the same.

Choosing the best car detailing service in Hobart will come down to price and the quality of service. On average, detailing a car takes 3 to 6 hours but can take up to 6 hours for more complex jobs.

Time and the equipment used will determine the price. In the end, the prices are always more or less the same from one service to the next. Really cheap packages usually skim on the quality so be very careful before you jump on to super cheap car detailing packages.

So, what can you expect from a Hobart car detailing service? Lets briefly look at the main detailing services by dividing it between interior and exterior detailing.

Exterior Car Detailing

A thorough wash with a ph neutral agents followed by chamois dry. Unlike automated car washes these are mostly hand washed and not nearly as harsh on your car’s paint.

The removal of tar, bugs and other substances that are stuck to the surface. Once the surface is immaculately cleaned it can not proceed to buffing and clay bar treatment.

The clay bar and buffing will remove most fine scratches and marks from the surface and this will restore the gloss to the car’s surface. It also helps to bring back the vibrant colour of the paint.

Finally the surface of the car can be waxed. Waxing is there to protect the paint and it acts as a barrier to dirt and even harmful UV.

Other external detailing elements include thoroughly washing rims and tyres and removing grease and dirt. Tyres and trims can be treated to bring back a vibrant black and help protect it from fading.

Chrome details can also be cleaned to add an extra level of detail which can make the car look really sharp. Engine and chassis cleaning are also available and are always recommended for car sales as many prospective buyers will look underneath the hood.

Interior Car Detailing

Interior detailing tends to be more complex as it requires a lot more attention to detail. Thoroughly vacuuming the interior removes surface hair, dust and particles. Compressed air is used to dislodge trapped dirt between creases and hard to reach places.

The seats, carpets, mats and door panels are then shampooed. The dash, console and instrument panels are thoroughly cleaned and treated to bring back the colour and shone. The glove box, ashtrays, air vents, doors, seat pockets and sundry items are cleaned as needed.

The interior is then deodorized to give the car that “new car” smell. As a final step, the windows are cleaned inside and out with special window cleaned that leaves no streak marks

These are the majority of tasks that a car detailer will perform. Depending on the car and the specific situation this can vary greatly.

Some cars may need sticker removal while other cars may have been exposed to spills or mishaps. These tend to be more customized solutions.

Cars that have been neglected that need additional exterior or interior cleaning could be much more labour intensive and may need additional treatments.

Discussing your detailing needs with your detailer will help you find the best possible solution for your needs.

With mobile car detailers it is important that you establish a solution before the callout and most technicians will only be able to give you a final quote when they actually inspect the vehicle on site.

Working With Hobart Car Detailing

While there are many packages to choose from, the packages are mainly designed to make life easier for you as the client. There’s a lot of jargon about waxing, polishing, shampooing and most clients don’t really understand the difference.

You don’t have to choose a package although packages tend to be cheaper as it follows a set process that is easier for the technician to follow.

Hobart car detailing can create any custom detailing package for you depending on your specific needs. You may have a car that looks okay inside but needs a lot of work outside. You may have a car that requires a lot of restoration work.

Whatever it is, do not be blinded by the limitations of package deals. Also place some trust in your car detailing expert to guide you. They are not out to just take your money. They are professionals and will give you the best possible advice for your specific needs.