Professional Home Car Detailing Service

Home Car Detailing Service

Home car detailing services is quite common today. There are many reasons why you may decide to get a thorough cleaning of your car. If you consider taking your request for a car detailing service to your home or some preferred location, you’ll find a good number of mobile detailing service providers.

If you’re not sure what the service entails yet, this article will be a suitable read for you.

Mobile car detailing means getting deep with the cleaning process of your car to enhance maintenance, maintain its value, and hopefully extend its lifespan. It’s simply making your car look new with paint correction, interior, and exterior cleaning, polishing, e.t.c.

There are things to consider when requesting mobile detailing services, some include:

Your car detailing budget:

The budget is an important thing to consider when you’re deciding whether to place an order for a home car detailing service. You would know that taking the service to your home or your preferred location attracts more charges with the service.

What extent of washing you require:

You may decide for some reason to lower the extent of service rendered by your detailer. The car detailing company would understand and be polite to honor your request. Although most requests like this are budget-related, they also know that personal preferences can be involved.

You can choose to have the service for the interior of your car only, you can also choose to have the external only, or get a full detailing service. What is important to know, however, is that the companies would most likely not exceed your specifications.

If you have a background in some services and can get a few things done yourself, you can save a few bucks by reducing the extent of detailing service. If you feel the car’s exterior is all you need for the detailing service, you should expect to see your car’s interior just how you left it.

The smell in it will not change, the leather or fabric on seats would be left untouched. You may find crackers you left lurking too. It all depends on how you want it.

Deciding what package of washing to use?

Car detailing companies often put their services in levels of preferred services or packages. The major differentiation in the packages is usually the price you’re willing to pay for the extent of service. The costliest services may involve the use of sophisticated products and materials in the detailing process that they would normally not offer.

BONUS: You may wonder how the interiors of cars look like new ones after minutes of detailing service. Here is the standard procedure of what your detailing company may use. Keep in mind that there may be slight differences.

Air-Compression and Vacuuming

This is the way to get started with the detailing process. Use a vacuum cleaner on your car seats and headliners, especially if they’re made with fabrics, then to reach for the trunk, shelf e.t.c. Air-compression is best for spaces that your vacuum cleaner can’t access easily.

Steam cleaning

Car interior may be soiled in dyes, oils, and dirt that have accumulated over a long time. A steam cleaner is used to reach deep and corners of all surfaces and upholstery without scrubbing quickly and efficiently.

Glass cleaning

A good cleaning result is dependent on the materials and techniques applied in the process of cleaning. A glass cleaner is sprayed on a semi-fiber buffing cloth and used on the glass until it shines. Note that ammonia containing products can cause a tinted glass to discolor or have other undesirable results.

Leather cleaning

Use saddle soaps, or its alternatives like dawn soap and water; leather cleaner. Take a moistened cloth and rub on the saddle soap until thick lather forms, then apply on leather to achieve a clean and efficient result.


Repeat the process of vacuuming to remove residue and any dirt that may remain on materials and surfaces.


Wipe surfaces clean with a clean cloth soaked in detergent.


A good looking car should have a good smell.

Home car detailing service is designed for convenience, so it usually costs more to use the service than it would cost to take your car to the wash bay or do it yourself if you have the technical knowledge and the types of equipment for a good, mold-free cleaning.